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exclusive to our Gold Drop Society dōTERRA Team Wellness Advocates

You chose YOU and that’s why you are here. Your goals and your dreams matter enough to find passion and purpose in helping others and change the world through dōTERRA. Welcome to the team!

XO, Ashley Kema



  1. Getting Started

  2. Business Training

  3. Personal Development Library: Mindset and Network Marketing

  4. Mentorship Schedule

  5. Gold Drop Team Support

  6. Gold Drop Team Incentives


  • Be sure to always have your LRP template setup and keep 100pv in your cart at all times to qualify for commissions. You must place a 100pv LRP order each month as well. To set you and your team up for power of 3 bonus, always aim to have everyone do a 150pv LRP order a month so your TV is 600pv. Remember, place a 125pv+ LRP order by the 15th of each month to get your FREE OIL of the month!

  • Start with WHY

  • Set your Goals 30/60/90 days here are some iphone backdrops for rank goals

  • Be a product of the product, create “story selling” experiences by using your oils

  • Write out your 100’s list: a contact list full of people you want to help, think they could benefit from essential oils, or are already on a natural lifestyle path. You will use this list throughout your business for years to come!

  • IMPORTANT, please read doTERRA Policy Manual 


Business Training 


  • Understand the compensation plan so you can make income producing business decisions on the daily

  • Use the Strategy Check-In to track your progress WEEKLY

  • Then start the Daily Mentor Calls (free) by Triple Diamond Allyse Sedivy and don’t move on to the next call until you complete the action

  • Get plugged in to all your team support. Since you are on my team, Gold Drop Society you get email invites to our Team Calls & Trainings (make sure you're on my email list), access to my youtube channel, and support through a private instagram page @golddropsocietybuilders

  • Ready to go for a rank? Join the next Oil Games


    Personal Development Library: Mindset & Network Marketing

    They say this business is a personal development business wrapped up in an essential oil company. They also say, you will only grow so much as you allow yourself to personally grow and I completely believe you will only reach the rank you are aiming for when you are ready in all areas of skills, mindset, leadership, and the understanding of network marketing.

    The Aila Love Personal Development Reading by Rank List - we should always be reading a book, work through this list and follow it by rank. These books create a wonderful business library for you to read again or let your team borrow.

    You can also see some suggested books from doterra in your Rank Guides

    I personally read through the list below in physical books and keep it in my purse so whenever I have downtime or I’m waiting somewhere I read my book instead of scroll through instagram. Then I listen to mindset podcasts or business training recordings while I drive, fold laundry, cook, or do dishes. Fit these into your schedule, they are VERY IMPORTANT. Purchase on amazon or at your local bookstore.

    On top of those books I suggest podcasts and other books that call to you! A few others I recommend: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

    Podcast Suggestion: HolFit Talks - Ange Peters is a holistic health coach and double diamond leader in doterra! other podcast suggestions: Network Marketing Heroes, Rise Podcast, All Rise Up


    Powerful women and inspiration: @msrachelhollis @bossladiesmindset

    dōTERRA has partnered with Gallup and wants us to really step into  our personal Strengths, you will often hear us talking about it. You can take your strengths finders test and learn more about your strengths too!

    and lastly, if you don't have a Dreamboard yet, I will guide you through making one below - keep a lookout for our Annual team LIVE Dreamboarding session too.



    Mentorship Schedule

    Mentorship Schedule for those personally enrolled to me, HI I'm your mentor! 

    I can't do the work for you but I can guide you. I will meet you halfway in your business and challenge you to do your best and be your best.

    I require you to come prepared to our calls but don't worry I will guide you through that

    Book your next mentor call with me!



    Gold Drop Team Support

    -any classes I teach you can use to invite your people, please attend with them

    -team classes I host I will send out an invite to all of our customers in our organization and same for events and extra education

     -team calls are for you! to connect and learn more about dōTERRA and grow your business skills



    Gold Drop Team Incentives

    Hey Guys! I have an etsy shop with supplies unique to this shop so if you'd like to purchase for your customer gifts, oil class make & takes, or DIY's please do!

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