Gold Drop Society

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Hi there


My name is Ashley Kema, I am a wife, mother and lover of essential oils. I have a two-year old and am currently 9 months pregnant with my second child.

I was led to essential oils through friends and was amazed with the way peppermint & wild orange made a great pick-me-up during the day. I got my starter kit not realizing what I was doing for my family in bringing natural solutions into our home. When my two-year old got sick, I figured why not try these oils since we have them instead of modern medicine. I was AMAZED! I began to really incorporate these oils into our lives, including the dōTERRA supplements, home cleaning, and personal care. I began researching and studying the products that we use everyday and how much chemicals can harm our bodies. I wanted to do better, better for my family, better for my friends, better for everyone. Essential Oils changes lives by providing natural solutions right in our homes at our fingertips for everyday issues with our bodies.

I find passion in being the best mother I can be and that meant wanting to work from home so I could raise my family to the best of my ability. dōTERRA has led me to that by allowing me to share natural solutions and essential oils with other moms, families, and even men!

The dōTERRA company is truly magical and is changing the world, it calls to me and I am so proud to be part of it. I created Gold Drop Society as a way to create a community, society! Join us as we support each other on this path of natural solutions.


Ashley Kema