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First, read up on What are Essential Oils if you haven’t yet.
Why get dōTERRA into your Home?
Imagine waking up each day filling up the diffusers around your home with the oil(s) of your choice to set the tone of the entire day. What about grabbing oils when you feel a little tickle in your throat, or using oils to support your immune system. Imagine raising your children in a world where you use natural solutions as a first line of defense, or being in full awareness of your body and what it needs to support it. What about helping a child through transitions and growth by using oils for emotional health, even helping a friend when they’ve lost someone or a family member who is dealing with postpartum depression. What about a plant based skin care line, a toothpaste flouride free, and natural cleaners that actually work. Think about having a supplement set that goes beyond the normal a-z vitamins that includes omegas and cell support your body needs to live long and feel great each day. There is an essential oil for everything and it’s all about having these drops of gold in your daily routine and available in times of need so that you can go on living your best life.
If you’re like me and are open to using something natural on the daily, you’ll want to try essential oils. If you haven’t ever tried oils before, go to the gold drop shop and try some rollers! Smell, roll, and feel the benefits of them, then come back here, or just take a leap into a dōTERRA wholesale membership I promise you won’t regret it. A membership gives you access to all the dōTERRA oils and products that support your natural wellness lifestyle. Once you get a wholesale membership with me, you unlock one-on-one support and education that I offer exclusively to my team. dōTERRA’s product line includes everything you need to support your health goals including natural cleaning, natural self-care/skin, the best supplements, and of course, the best quality essential oils.

natural cleaning, natural self-care/skin, the best supplements, and of course, the best quality essential oils. If you are ready to take the leap.. continue below!


How do I purchase Essential Oils?

If you are purchasing more than two oils in an entire year and are appreciative of the support and education you will get from me, you will want to get a wholesale membership.
A dōTERRA Wholesale Membership is like a costco membership, you get to shop at wholesale pricing which is 25% off, all year long and just pay an annual fee. You renew your membership each year with a $25 fee but dōTERRA sends you a free bottle of peppermint oil which has a retail value of $33.33 so it's basically your membership each year will be FREE! 
Wholesale Members also have access to the Loyalty Rewards Program, which is the most intelligent way to buy your dōTERRA oils and products. You can accumulate reward points sort of like a Hawaiian Miles card, you get miles for the dollars you spend to redeem for free flights right? Here, you get reward points with your orders that you can later redeem for free products! I mean, who doesn’t love rewards? What about getting rewarded for HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? In this customizable monthly order, you get points back on shipping so shipping is basically always free, 10%-30% back in points on every dollar spent, and you have access to the FREE product of the month as well
To get your wholesale membership, get started with me and you will waive your $35 fee!



Okay, where do you start?
Start with asking yourself, what are my health concerns? 
Then schedule a one-on-one with me or ask me when my next basic oils class is! I hold classes conveniently online.
Then, you will want to choose an enrollment kit that matches your needs. Any items you didn’t get that’s on your wishlist, you can get the following month with your wholesale discount. I suggest breaking up your wishlist into orders of 125pv and placing them as LRP orders each month before the 15th of the month to qualify for the free oil of the month and reward points :)
Imagine LRP as your monthly wellness box! I usually get my supplements, household products, and the oils I need to support me and my family.
See the entire product guide 
Ready for the starter kits?
The Natural Solutions Kit will give you everything you need to live a natural healthy lifestyle with a set of oils, supplements, and products.
$453.00  includes membership, the living magazine + my education and support.
The Home Essentials Kit will give you oils to support stress, anxious feelings, and overall health.
$270  includes membership, the living magazine + my education and support.
The Healthy Habits Kit will allow you to get the foundational supplement support with few oils to get started, this kit will help you feel the difference.
$198.00 includes membership, the living magazine + my education and support.
The Healthy Start Kit has the top ten oils in 5ml bottles and the new pebble diffuser.
$160.00 includes membership, the living magazine + my education and support.
The Aroma Essentials Kit - Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature. Perfect for replacing harmful chemicals with the power of nature, reducing toxic loads. $155.00  includes membership, the living magazine + my education and support.
We do have a couple of specialized kits available as well.
There is one more kit called the Simple Solutions Kit that you can use to customize your kit by adding the products you really want to this basic kit.
See all of the starter kits here. Yes you can add-on items in your cart with your kit too.

Need a quick call to get some advice on this decision, I'd be happy to help! Calls are available here
When you get your membership, please choose “wholesale customer”
If you think you might want to do this business, still select “wholesale customer” then let me know
If you for sure want to get your oils and do this as a business, go through this page, and let’s have a conversation first before getting your membership
Lastly, don’t be scared. This will be one of the best investments you ever make. Get these oils into your home, you will learn as you go. With a membership, you do not need to do monthly orders but most customers do because they slowly incorporate the oils and products into their home + refill the products they use most. Let’s do this together.
If you already have a wholesale account, just go to and use your member ID given sent to your email and the password you set at the time of enrollment
Ashley Kema