Throwback to Our Very First Diffuser Jewelry Collection: LMK X GDS

If you notice in my shop, there are diffuser bracelets for sale.. well what the heck are they and how do I use it? 
Essential Oil diffuser jewelry in general is a way to aromatically diffuse oils while wearing them all day! Usually made with wood beads or lava beads as they hold the oils for about 24 hours. You can keep applying the same oil, or switch it up everyday. Once you've chosen an oil, place a drop in the palm of your hand and roll into the beads and VOILA! just put on to enjoy!
Love Me Knots HI holds a special place in my heart as I worked with these two amazing women (the owners) when I did the buying for San Lorenzo Bikinis ten, yes TEN stores. Their company stands for fashion & ecology, with their love for animals, a portion of each purchase goes to a charity specific to animals in need.
The jewelry they offer is always so classy, timeless, and lovable.
I can't tell you how happy I was that they were willing to collaborate and create a product for us classy EO users too! I had a lot of fun shooting photos with my daughter Liv for this campaign and we both enjoy wearing our diffuser bracelets. I can't choose a favorite style as we layer both on or choose one for the day.
My favorite oils to wear all day are citrus oils because they are mood boosting like Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!