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Join the Society simply by getting a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership with us! You have access to team events/classes and more importantly, my support in using your dōTERRA products and how to incorporate natural solutions into your lifestyle... FOREVER!

Ashley Kema

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If you'd like to join the Society as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, please see the information and fill out the form below. You could create extra income, supplement your current income, or replace your income completely by sharing dōTERRA essential oils with others through the passion to help and education others on this natural lifestyle. Don't be scared, promise I don't bite! Even if you are just a little bit interested and have a few questions, please ask them! Also, please talk to me first before enrolling as a Wellness Advocate. Don't miss out on this opportunity. XO

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Two years ago I took a leap a big leap, jumping into the network marketing business I knew nothing about and had no confidence in. "I can't do network marketing" "I would never do that" "Is there really money to be made here?" What I did know was I needed to make more income for my family, there was an opportunity to make enough money to eventually stay home with my kids, my uplines were SILVER and DIAMOND ranks, I loved my oils, and I wasn't alone I would be joining an entire team of Women (and some men) doing this business.

Although I did come into this business with self-confidence, drive, retail skills, marketing skills, and I would definitely say multi-tasking skills, I had so much to learn. My biggest lesson was personal development and as I developed that + my why, my reason for doing this wanting more, my reason for life THAT is what motivated me to show up in my business everyday. My "why" is my family, my kids, our dream life of a home of our own, world traveling, private school, and time to raise my kids and be the best Mom I can be. My "why" grew personal goals of going back to school for fashion design and culinary. This business has shown me that anything is possible. I can dream as much as I want to and I can get to those dreams. I can create my dream life.

As I started to really get into my new doterra business, I loved the connection I was making with people, I loved how much I was learning about living a better life beyond just using oils for energy or a cold but changing my lifestyle with the goal of living long, happy, and healthy for my kids, my future grandkids, my husband, and my dream life. I started to see there was more to life than hustle, I grew deeper, I spoke deeper, and I loved it. I had PURPOSE!

I show up in my business everyday because I truly love what I do, I love what oils can do for us and our families, I love teaching people about oils, I love talking to other moms about #momlife. I love the future I'm building, I love my team doing this business alongside me rising up together, and I love the company I work for who builds doterra around sustainability, supporting farmers around the world who grow the plants to make the oils, the charities we support with the healing hands foundation, and the vision of creating a world where doctors spend 30-60 minutes in an appointment with you getting to know the whole you helping you make lifestyle changes and suggesting NATURAL solutions starting with dōTERRA essential oils.

I have worked my butt off to get to Diamond rank in two years, I left what I thought was my dream job as a bikini buyer (I went to Miami fashion week you guys and would sit in appointments with brands like Acacia and Mikoh!) and started living my dream life. Being a stay at home Mom isn't easy, balancing the kids and building a business is even harder but everything I do, every minute, every task benefits my family. They come first, then my business. I am able to stay on top of birthdays, christmas, school events, family paperwork, which was something my husband and I struggled with before. Before, life was flying by, our first daughter turned two and I was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHERE AM I? WHAT AM I DOING? This business has given me time to be PRESENT with my family. At first I made enough money to cover bills, then bills + basics, then travel, and now savings!

The point of my story is that I am looking for you. If you took time to read my entire story and it sparked something in you. This might be for you too. My team and I are looking for business partners in the new year. Those of you with a love for oils, a love for people, and love for yourself and your dreams + your family's dreams. You have drive, responsibility, and determination. You are resourceful, self-sufficient, and self-motivated. You would put this business as priority because it takes showing up in your business every day to grow it. You would make a promise to yourself to grow deep, work on personal development because you know your business can only grow so much as you allow yourself to grow.

If you want financial freedom, time freedom, more charitable giving, and more travel. This could be for you. You do not need to quit your job to do this business, I built mine while I had a full-time job working 60hrs a week and a toddler. I started this to make extra money but it eventually turned into my full income. You can go at a slow or fast pace. It is simple. Holding classes or coffee dates to teach people about oils, help them get a wholesale membership like you did and love LRP (monthly orders) like you and repeat! We do have a few positions open for business partners who want to do this at a fast pace with a goal of Silver Rank+ in 6 months too!

Watch the video below to see the full opportunity or read through the Build Guide by clicking here!

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What is my cost or investment into my business?

A 150pv LRP order a month placed by the 15th of the month and always keep 100pv+ in your LRP cart at all times, THAT’S IT! You’ll set yourself up for commissions and build towards power of 3 bonus. Of course you need to use your oils and products as well! Live and breathe dōTERRA and others will with you!

What is the next step?
Fill out the "application" below. The more you tell us, the more I can help you. I will get back to you to setup a coffee date or phone call!

I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Thank you for allowing me to share my business story and the opportunity of the business with you.



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SKILLS: inviting people to learn more, talking and teaching about oils, helping people get a starter kit and supporting them with connection and education UNDERSTANDING NETWORK MARKETING AND SALES: having sales conversations and understanding what makes network marketing successful MINDSET: staying confident through life that you can do anything and putting positive energy into everything you do