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How do I purchase Essential Oils?

You can purchase dōTERRA products at retail or at wholesale pricing which is 25% less than retail which is definitely what I suggest. A Wholesale Membership is sort of like a costco membership, you get to shop at wholesale pricing all year long with an annual fee. You renew your membership each year with a $25 fee but dōTERRA sends you a free bottle of peppermint oil which has a retail value of $27.33 so it's basically FREE! 

Wholesale Members also have access to the Loyalty Rewards Program which is the most intelligent way to buy your dōTERRA oils and products, like hawaiian miles! You get miles for the dollars you spend to redeem for free flights. I know there are other reward programs, who doesn’t love those and you get rewarded for your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. In this customizable monthly order, you get points back on shipping so shipping is basically always free, 10%-30% back in points on every dollar spent, and you have access to the FREE product of the month and other promotions as well.

There is a $35 wholesale membership enrollment fee (select $35 membership)


Enroll with a kit of your choice to waive the membership fee. I definitely suggest an enrollment kit as they are perfectly crafted starter kits.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 8.09.44 AM.png

Okay, where do you start?

Start with asking yourself, what are my health concerns? You’ll want to pair oils and products to them! I can also help you here as well, schedule a one-on-one with me!

What you’ll want to do is then choose an enrollment kit that matches some of the oils you need and think about how serious you are about really getting into this lifestyle, choose the kit that meets those needs best. Any items you didn’t get that’s on your wishlist, try out LRP by setting up your order for the next month. Breakup your orders by 125pv and you’ll know what you want for the next couple months and be able to get the free oil of the month, reward points back, and any money you spend back in shipping as well. I hope you love LRP as much as I do.

Imagine it as your monthly wellness box! I usually get my supplements (doterra has the best supplements), household products, and the oils I need :)

Ready to get your starter kit?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. How serious am I about finding solutions to my health concerns?

2. How serious am I in getting natural solutions into my home?

3. Which kit will fit my family's needs best?

The most popular kit? The Home Essentials Kit because you are getting the top ten oils to address your health concerns in big 15ML bottles with a diffuser for only $275

The most wanted kit? The Natural Solutions kit as it gives you a few products in each category to support a full healthy lifestyle and take care of the whole you. I love that it comes with the cute pine storage box, my favorite diffuser, and the lifelong vitality pack.

The dream kits? OVERHAUL your life with the every oil kit or the diamond kit. Time to upgrade your life-!

Contact me if you feel you'd like some advice on this decision, I'd be happy to help!